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For organisations

Are you considering using volunteers?

Analyse your needs:

  • Make sure that there exists a clear and urgent need to which volunteers can engage.

Choose suitable activities for volunteers:

  • Assign one activity to each volunteer; make sure they are clear, assigned tasks; and oversee their completion. Regular, mutual feedback should be a component of cooperation.

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • It is important to have an individual in the organisation to organise the work of volunteers.
  • Ensure the communication with volunteers, monitor their work, and any difficulties which might arise.
  • Announce all changes, see to it that volunteers are informed.
  • Take charge of the basic recordkeeping connected to volunteer work.

Risk reduction – protective measures:

  • The health of all volunteers taking part is a priority. Analyse risks and find means of protection.
  • Think about the volunteers’ psychological well-being.
  • Make sure you have current information on the situation’s development, changes in organisation or work methods.

Selecting volunteers:

  • Don’t be afraid to refuse a volunteering candidate if you have any doubts of their preparedness, motivation, or health status.
  • When working directly with clients, give priority to candidates with experience or certain qualifications.